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I miss goth

Yes, one can argue that Goth is still around, but where I live, we haven't had anything goth in almost a decade now. Whatever goths we've had, have either "grown up" or moved abroad, if they even were goth and not just metalheads going through a goth phase, to begin with.

Because there's no scene, no foreign bands want to come here either, not even from neighbouring countries (She Past Away is a good example, they tour the Americas even though it'd be cheaper for them to come here), and no local bands want to play anything goth for the same reason. The few goths that are still around don't even talk to each other anymore for different reasons (for example, I had an acquaintance who randomly started talking shit about me, so naturally we stopped communicating).

I mean, maybe I'm too old for goth and should just move on, but it's been part of me for so long, I don't want to let it go, ya know?

It's depressing, really. 🙁

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We just released our debut album and would love to hear from you!

Hi everyone! Our cold-wave/post-punk duo Ostatnia Klatka have just released a debut album and started touring in Poland.

Freezing cold guitars, gloomy vocals, bass that could rearrange your room, synths straight from the 80s. We sing about living in Eastern European city, about our fears, about our lives.

That's what we wanted to say about ourselves, but tbh we would love to hear what YOU think about our first album. Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Here we picked some songs that are a good overview of our music, but we really encourage you to check the whole thing as it's quite diverse – and say a word or two what you think abuut it :).

Urobor – our goth side

Tlen – synth driven gloomy song

Przechodnie – inspired by Polish 80s rock classics

Uścisk – straight forward post-punk song with some heavier riffs in it

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Is the UK Goth scene smaller then it was 15-20 years ago?

Do you think the UK Goth scene is a lot smaller then it was in the 2000's and how do you think its changed?

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songs about romantic desperation?

wanting a response, wanting attention, wanting reciprocation etc. etc.

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Peter Murphy – All Night Long (1988)

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