Do I offend the goth community by saying that I do not label myself as goth even if I listen to goth music almost daily ?

I recently found out that I love goth music. I mostly listen to Corpus delicti, twin tribes, Bragolin, Linea Aspera, Bauhaus.

I had a tendency to dress in black clothes (I know that dressing in black does not makes an outfit gothic) since I was a child.

I do not feel like I should label myself as goth. I am sayingthis bc there is an high probability that after a few months of listening constantly to goth music I will be tired of this tyle of music and I do not want to consider myself goth and then after half an year I won't even listen to this genre.

It happened to me that I listened to a genre for a few months like a crazy amount of time and then, on one day I just stopped listeningto that type of music.

And for some reason I feel unease when I see these gothic outfits that a lot of goth people wear.

So is it ok to just listen to this type of music whitout labeling myself as goth ? And maybe incorporating some ideas from goth outfits into my own style ?

For some reason people around my age ( 19-20 yo ) either call others posers if people just want to listen to goth music whitout other implications posers, or they just sexualize this subculture.

Am I a poser if I listen to goth music without labeling myself as goth ?

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