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why do people always think we’re pretending?

just saw a post on a non-goth related subreddit that happened to feature a goth woman, and so many people in the comments were implying or outright saying that she's only dressing goth to be "unique" or to feel superior. and i wonder what are your thoughts on this mindset?

i personally just don't understand this train of thought at all. just because dark fashion came into the mainstream a couple years ago doesn't mean everyone who's goth is only doing it because they wanna stand out. the woman in the post wasn't even the trendy sort of goth! i legitimately love this subculture and it honestly makes me a bit mad.

of course there were also snarky comments about how she dresses that way to feel unique but dresses like every other goth 🙄 like yes, that's sort of an aspect of nearly any subculture, you guessed it! fashion is still a thing in subcultures and it doesn't discredit someone's gothness just because they dress similar to other goths.

one time i got a comment on one of my own selfies saying i should make sure i actually like being alternative instead of only liking it because it's different. still irritates me to this day tbh. why make such a hefty assumption about a stranger? i don't dress how i do just to stand out, i dress how i do because i love it! it makes me feel like myself and increases my confidence.

btw i'm not implying that goth is merely looks, this issue is just fashion-centric. anyway, rant over lmao

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