Anyone else grow up in the subculture?

My mother was pretty damn goth when I was growing up, and she still is. When I was young, I remember I had an iPod touch chock full of bands like Switchblade Symphony, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Angelspit, Nox Arcana, London After Midnight, and a bunch of other gothic rock, dark cabaret, darkwave, industrial bands and songs, and some from other genres that make up the subculture. When I was getting to be the same size as her between, like, 5th and 6th grade, we'd share a bunch of clothes, I also remember being really happy to wear her super nice black lace skirt to school or one of her many many sick graphic t-shirts. Plus I loved her jewelry, lots of snakes and skulls and the like that I thought was so cool. Gothic movies and books and a bunch of macabre artwork she made and bought also was around the house when I was a kid. Just… Everything, I guess!

Ended up distancing myself from the subculture as a teenager, as teenagers will do, but in my 20s I feel drawn back to it a bit. Honestly makes me really nostalgic, the music and the fashion and the pop culture and really everything! I was wondering if anybody else also grew up in it, just out of curiosity 🙂

Thanks you!!

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