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shoegaze-y goth music recommendations?

hello! i’m looking for new music similar to the contents of the playlist attached – i’m not really sure what to call this genre (so if anyone can tell me what genre is it specifically, that would be helpful so i can find more music on my own. i’ve researched genres like ethereal wave and neoclassical dark wave since these seem to be slightly similar to this type of music but not exactly what i’m looking for. i found that a lot of ethereal wave music such as Autumns Gray Solace or Love spirals Downward were not energetic enough or, in the kindest way possible, too monotonous. i also found most songs from bands like the frozen autumn to be too electronic.)

the best way i can describe what i’m looking for is an intersection of goth and shoegaze music – so ideally something atmospheric with a lot of guitars, distortion, ethereal (ideally female) vocals, but still gothic mood, lyrics and general sound.

this is probably best represented by:

autumn – the hating tree

mephisto waltz – alle in asche

strange boutique- hills like white elephants

the eden house – to believe in something

thank you in advance to anyone who has any recommendations 🙂

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Goth music with quartertones or non-Western melodies?

I promise I'm not trying to be a music nerd here 🙂

I've recently gotten very into Lalalar, Brek, and a few other Turkish darkwave groups and Im absolutely enchanted. It's been a breath of new life into my soul.

If I had to pick one aspect which intrigued me it's the use of quartertones. Think of the melodic range you hear from a call to prayer from a parapet in Constantinople, only the muezzin is getting down with a Roland 707.

I'm not specifically looking for darkwave. Really just music from any sub-genres that have a melodic taste of "exotic to western ears"?

This would also include goth music in pentatonic? Like.. East Asian goth?

Really, goth music in general which incorporates non-Western melody would be amazing?

Also…since I'm asking… if anyone knows of a Lakota goth band (of any flavor.. its for a Lakota friend) I'd LOVE to know. Thanks!!!

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cabaret goth music recs?

i’m new to this whole thing, but i listen to a lot of dresden dolls and after researching i’ve figured out that their genre is defined as “cabaret/burlesque goth”. are there any other bands that are in the same genre? i don’t mind the popularity or obscurity, i just want to hear more music like it. thank you!!!

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When did everyone first start getting into the music?

I realized that I had started listening to the whole goth scene for nearly 2 years now without actually knowing about it being goth. But for those that did. When did you start? And how did you know you were real into it. My bad for the dumb questions!

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listened to goth music for the first time

I expected screaming, disorted guitar and vocal sounds, kinda similar to heavy metal but it was the most chill music ever, I was jammingggg. I’m just shocked. I really enjoyed it.

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My goth music recommendations

Hi everyone, I decided to make a list of goth bands and albums I've found to be interesting, since most of them are pretty unpopular, and some were never even mentioned on this sub. I'll attach the YouTube links to the albums/playlists/songs.

Mizar – a Macedonian post-punk/goth-rock band from the 80s. It has deep male vocals of Goran Tanevski inspired by christian orthodox chants. They incorporate a lot of religious and folk elements in their music.

Mizar (self titled, 1988)

Militia Christi – an Italian goth-rock band created by the members of Theatres des Vampires. As the name suggest, their music is religiously themed, including lots of church organs and bells. Demonically possessed cathedral vibes. Also it has screaming/growling vocals in Latin/Italian. Pretty unusual for goth music.

Militia Christi – Ordo Militia Templi (2001)

Ataraxia – actually, it's an Italian folk/neoclassical band, but just like Dead Can Dance their debut album was goth-rock, hence why they're always put in this box. The lyrics here are in Italian, Latin, German, French and English. I really love the deep, powerful contralto voice of Francesca Nicoli – one of my favorite vocalists. She's been inspired by the infernal style of Diamanda Galas. My favorite song is "In Articulo Mortis", feels like an act of exorcism.

Ataraxia – Prophetia (1990)

Love Is Colder Than Death – an ethereal/darkwave band from Germany. It reminds me of early Dead Can Dance, but more towards electronic side. Their first two albums are great for lonesome and relaxing nights in your closed room… or cemetery strolls. Later on they turned on full DCD-neoclassical-ethno style.

Love Is Colder Than Death – Teignmouth (1991)

Love Is Colder Than Death – Mental Traveler (1992)

Ľahka Muzá – unjustly unknown and extremely great goth-rock/ritualistic ethereal band from Slovakia. I'm grateful I stumbled upon this name accidentally in YT comments and decided to give them a try, and only because I like listening to different languages. What a damn loss it would be. Haunting banshee vocals of Gudrun, tribal industrial drums and atmospheric blurred guitars… They also have side project called Hieros Gamos, which sounds very similar to the main one. Don't get what's the point, but it counts, too.

Ľahka Muzá – V Záblesku Večnosti (2004)

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa – a band from France and the only one I could consider to be an actual neoclassical darkwave – as they, indeed, mix BOTH goth-rock and symphonic elements such as pianos, violins and tender operatic female vocals.

Collection d'Arnell-Andréa – Villers-Aux-Vents (1994)

Collection d'Arnell-Andrea – Un Automne A Loroy (1989)

Nevskij Prospect – 80s post-punk/goth-rock band from Sweden. Very beautiful music with female operatic vocals. For romantic goth vibes.

Dead Souls Rising – a darkwave band from France that sounds kinda like Switchblade Symphony, with electronic/symphonic bits. That's enough to be interested in them, I think.

The Last Days of Jesus – and another band from Slovakia. A mix of deathrock, progressive rock and organs, their first creations were pretty gloomy as opposed to their later works. And, again, another band that incorporates religious elements.

The Last Days of Jesus – The time of crucifixtion (1994)

The Last Days of Jesus – Arma Christi (2007)

Godless Procession – a contemporary goth-rock band from Mexico with songs in Spanish. Deep powerful male vocals is what got me into them, at first I even thought it was some side project of Mizar.

Godless Procession (self titled, 2014)

Untoten – a German gem. A band created by a musician David A. Line and a Hungarian beauty Greta Csatlós with her seductive vocals. Absolutely dark, mysterious, sexy and vampire-like. Their musical range is pretty diverse (from dark cabaret to electronic to metal sound) but still, they have plenty of goth-rock and darkwave songs. Very creative and non-cliche. It's sad German Schwarze Szene is so unpopular because it's a good gateway to goth. I can actually imagine tons of Tik Tok girls obsessing over this band. (…ok, better to be unpopular)

Untoten – Lichtbringer

Untoten – Die Jagd

Untoten – Koste das Blut!

Untoten – Unvergessen

Untoten – Der kleine Tod

Rosa Crux – a neomedieval band from France. Same situation as with Ataraxia and Dead Can Dance. Their debut EP (consisting only 4 songs) was goth-rock. Vocals of Thomas are inspired by medieval chants and all lyrics are in Latin. And don't forget to look for their concert videos – you won't regret it, very spectacular.

Rosa Crux – Aglon

Rosa Crux – Abrasax

Rosa Crux – Morituri

Rosa Crux – Ilepho

Umbra et Imago – a German band that started as darkwave. Alas, they later turned into generic metal (damn, what's it with bands abandoning their original style?), but this album is what we need. Long songs, psychotic vocals of Mozart, mysterious darkness and enchanting drums that make you wanna stand up and dance through the whole night until the morning sun arise. Then you can go back into your coffin. Song "Erotica (Erotic Mix)" is a dancefloor banger.

Umbra et Imago – Träume, Sex und Tod (1992)

Rakta – a contemporary Portuguese post-punk band that sounds a lot like Xmal Deutshcland(finally!), except with more psychedelic rock vibes.

Rakta – III (2016)

Crisantemo del carrione – an Italian darkwave band with folk motives and male vocals. Chilly, beautiful and melancholic. Great for dancing in the blooming garden on a spring day. Somewhere deep in Italian provinces for better experience. Very light feeling.

Crisantemo del carrione – Fiore di passione (2007)

Miranda Sex Garden – an ethereal/post-punk band from USA. They started with madrigal music, but later turned into pretty whimsical mix of angelic female vocals and… Hard to explain their style, better to listen.

Miranda Sex Garden – Fairytales Of Slavery (1994)

That's all… For now. I hope you'll find new favorite songs (or even bands) from this list.

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Happy Native American Heritage Month! Here’s some Native made goth music!

I try and post this playlist every year

Indigegoth US/Canada

If there is a Native goth band that isn't on this list feel free to comment recommendations!

I will be doing a playlist on Indigegoth Mexico and South America in the future <3

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/r/Goth’s Modern Music Mondays!

Post your links to new releases from 2000 or later, let's give some focus to new music. In the list below, you'll find some new releases from the past few weeks!

Here's some great new post-punk/goth releases:

Ductape – "Veil of Lies" [Post-Punk/Darkwave] [Single] (Türkiye) [Released November 3, 2023]

ANTI:AGER – "Body of Flesh" [Ethereal/Darkwave] [Album] (England, UK) [Released November 14, 2023]

LIVINROOM – "Lines (EP)" [Dark Post-Punk] [EP] (Russia) [Released November 14, 2023]

Ground Nero – "Blood Never Sleeps" [Goth Rock] [Album] (Belgium) [Released November 17, 2023]

Fe – "A todos nos está matando algo" [Post-Punk/Darkwave] [Single] (Mexico) [Released November 18, 2023]

Caress – "Night Call" [Darkwave/Synth-Pop] [Album] (CA, USA) [Releases November 24, 2023]

Want more? Check out our 2021, 2022, 2023 and soon, our 2024 spreadsheet of upcoming/recently released music.

Don't forget about our ever-growing list of post-punk, goth rock, darkwave, deathrock, etc. releasing labels!

If you want to post music you'd most likely hear in a goth club, please subscribe to r/gothclub.

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Lebanon Hanover – Better Than Going Under (Official Music Video)

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looking for more goth music with a nature theme or vibe to it, any suggestions?

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