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If you are from St. Louis please come out and join us! Post permission received from Mod Dave.

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[POST PUNK] Through the Woods by HXUND (Thanks for the listen people)

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Anyone know this post punk/coldwave band? Just discovered this song by them it’s amazing

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appreciation post for Secret Shame — they sounded AMAZING live

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This was a Denver post by a friend posted on FB. I thought I would share here incase people didn’t know these bands were touring the US this year.

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Bandwagon Posting – My Goth and Post Punk Record Collection (Mostly 80s and Modern)

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My goth and post punk 12″ vinyl (part one – Jan 2018 to Nov 2019)

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“Dirt Behind the Daydream”: A narrative analysis of Leeds and its 70s post Punk scene

Hello, I am a final year student at Leeds Beckett University. I am investigating the Leeds post punk scene in the 1970s. I wish to question you to understand attitudes and perceptions towards Leeds as a city in the 1970s. Your responses are anonymous.

If you have any experiences of Leeds during this time period it would greatly appreciated if you could complete my survey. I know this is a precursor to the start of goth but any responses would be appreciated.

Thankyou, Sam

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Nox Novacula are going on tour(tour dates and locations in body of post)

Date City Venue 3/31/2022 Seattle, Wa Jules Mae’s
4/1/2022 Portland. OR Kenton Club
4/2/2022 Eureaka, Ca Siren’s Song
4/3/2022 Chico, Ca Naked Lounge
4/4/2022. Sacramento, Ca Cafe Colonial
4/5/2022 Oakland, Ca Golden Bull
4/6/2022. Los Angelas, Ca The Redwood
4/8/2022 San Diego, Ca Kensington Club
4/9/2022 Cathedral City, Ca Bart Lounge
4/10/2022 Pheonix TBA
4/11/2022 Las Vegas Artifice Bar
4/12/2022 Mesa The Underground
4/13/2022 El Paso, Tx The Reagan
4/14/2022 San Antonio, Tx Amp Room
4/15/2022 Dallas, Tx 3 Links
4/16/2022 New Orleans, Carnaval
4/17/2022 Tallahassee
4/18/2022 Tampa, FL Hooch and Hive
4/19/2022 Athens, GA The Lab
4/20/2022 Nashville, GA Eastroom
4/21/2022 Louisville,Ky Art Sanctuary
4/22/2022 Richmond, VA Fallout
4/23/2022 Pittsburgh,PA Rock Room
4/24/2022 Philly,PA Ortlieb’s
4/25/2022 OFF
4/26/2022 OFF
4/27/2022 Boston, Ma Middle East Upstairs
4/28/2022 Providence,RI The Parlour
4/29/2022 New York, NY Trans Pecos
4/30/2022 Detroit, Mi Ghost Light
5/1/2022 Canton, OH Buzz Bin
5/2/2022 Columbus, OH Cafe Bourbon st.
5/3/2022 Cincinnati, OH MOTR Pub
5/4/2022 Indianapolis,IN Black Circle
5/5/2022 Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club
5/6/2022 Chicago, Il Save more lounge
5/7/2022 Minneapolis, Mn Mortimer’s
5/8/2022 St. Louis, MO The Sinkhole
5/9/2022 Wichita, Ks Monika's House
5/11/2022 Colorado Springs Triple Nickol
5/12/2022 Denver, CO HQ
5/13/2022 Slc The DLC
5/14/2022 Boise The Shredder

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I hope this is allowed! I saw this post today on The Cure subreddit & just about lost my mind at some of the comments

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