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Rang in World Goth Day Saturday night Dj-ing live for the first time.

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[18. May 2022] Dividing Lines – May Happen Tour first show in Leipzig, Germany

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today I visited a goth club for the first time in my life and I’m so happy

Hello. I (23) don't consider myself goth. I love Max Richter, Viktor Tsoi, Leonard Cohen, Beethoven, Lord Huron, Low Roar. I also love Dead Can Dance and Diary of Dreams. What put me off a bit from the scene was the constant "that's not goth" comments, so I didn't even know if I like goth. Like, sure, darkwave, yeah, post-punk. But apart from, what, two Sisters of Mercy songs, what is truly goth that I hear?

I do not look goth either. Well, I can a bit, but you know. I'm a person that hesitates to be a part of something. I could never call myself "gothic", or a hippie or something. And there aren't many gothic clubs in Bavaria, Germany at all, so how to, well, find one?

Truth be told, anxiety kicked in. Haven't been in a club ever since my alternative small club closed its gates because people don't want live bands and table football, they want techno (T_T). So…. my grand return. Alone now, because the old circle is… died with the club, and I don't know anyone who heard goth. I did have an acquaintance who worked at the goth place, but she passed away with 17 because life doesn't give a fuck.

Dear God how happy I felt. I never liked techno, I want to dance to other stuff, more lowkey or more melodic. 90s parties, sure, some EDM and goa, ok, but never in my whole club life, and I mean never in my whole ass club life that consisted of being a barkeeper, did I feel like 99% of all the songs played were slapping hard. The people were gorgeous, and it was actual dancing. Like, yeah, free-flowing club style, but there was such a beautiful back and forth on the floor that I felt like I'm dancing with people, not on my own, even though there was much more distance.

I just wish I would have talked to more than this one guy. But it's hard. They're all in groups, and the ones alone seem like they don't wanna talk (but I was very conscious that I must seem the same). When a guy approached me to ask if all is fine because I just sat there, tired from all the dancing (but not shy per se, I'm not ruining my vibe heh), I decided to approach three people and got some club recommendations. The guy… he was nice. Now I know someone in the club. Next time, one more, and one more. I fucking love building up clusters. If only the club was opened more than once a month.

Because you know damn well I won't be missing any of the black nights from now on. Dancing has never been so exhilarating in a club. I'll go alone until I got to know the whole damn club if that is what it takes. I am primarily there to dance, after all, what with that fucking GOOD MUSIC AHHH. Fucking hell.

I'll definitely get some more gothic fashion. I always wanted to, but it felt weirdly appropriating because I didn't listen to the music (tho turns out, I listen to quite a lot of gothic club music). At the same time, I'm in love with the aesthetics, and my favorite writer is Edgar Allan Poe. Somehow seeing all these people rocking these styles, and also the people who just went there casual and gave no fucks, gave me the self-confidence that I needed to take a step in the direction of wearing what I want to wear. Well, granted, fashion is one of the main reasons why I wish to be a woman but it is what it is. I'll make due, hehe.

Anyway. Next time I might take a friend with me, with the warning that I'll stay till closing time (4am because Southern Germany is anti-Berlin lol) and that they'll have to go home on their own if they want to go earlier. This moment feels so important. It's like I found a massive fragment of my soul right there in this hall. I felt understood even. So yeah, I love you all.

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My first goth party ever. It was beautiful, nothing but kind people :)

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Times when first wave bands validate goth

There's a lot of fixation on how a lot of first wave bands have denounced the name, some more than others, while this has been true in many cases for quite some time and in some cases remains, there have been some instances of the bands or members running with the word, not denouncing it, or admitting to it in some ways/at certain points. Post quotes or interviews that reflect this.

Here are a few:

Andrew Eldritch, Brazilian Interview 2006:

Q: Here in Brazil, the most people who hear sisters of mercy are goths, and have a peculiar clothes, what you think about it?Eldritch: Actually, it's pretty hot here, so I had a another vision of the brazillian people, I think the brazillian people use bikinis, panties, and others swim-suit all the time. Anyway we make musics for everyone, we like to know who the brazillian goths like us, but we make music for the pop-listeners too and for family mothers too! Source

Andrew Eldritch, Cutting Edge, 1993:

"I don’t feel any sense of malicious glee, but I can’t be displeased that whatever constituted a goth movement doesn’t exist anymore. I’m confident of the bands ability to be judged in the same way as, say, REM are, and to judged against them, The Cure, Nirvana, whatever." Source

Peter Murphy, Unknown Source:

"The goths are beautiful, a vast depth of subcultural, aesthetic and poetic ideas, and we would identify with that as we did back in 1979. But not the post modern distortion…the costume without the brain." Source

Peter Murphy, SF Gate 2011:

"He doesn't particularly embrace his title as Godfather of Goth: …I'm aware of it. I'm not anti-Goth. I don't want to denigrate any people who make music. But you know what happens – you get people who you've influenced but who have nothing to do with you. It's their own work. That goes down to the perennial labeling we have to put on each other. Kids are being called ADD and it creates itself. So suddenly we have all these mentally ill people in the world? Since when? Labels. So I'm a Goth. That's fine by me." Source

Peter Murphy, Drowed in Sound, 2011

DiS: It's not strictly true though is it in a pedantic sense, as Bauhaus had already been and gone by the time the whole Goth phenomenon blew up.

PM: You're right, although I do think there is a validity to it. But, it has to be looked at from the root rather than present day definition. I would say the whole Gothic culture is very significant. It's totally unique, and it embodies and holds more than just music. It reaches into fine art, poetry, painting, theatre, all sorts of elements from the ground up. I liken it from a musical point view to that of a punk who's becoming more self-aware; wiping snot off his nose and dressing up a bit!

DiS: It was a very original sound at the time though wasn't it?

PM: Bauhaus were a bit like that….We came out at a time when everyone was navel-gazing just after punk. No image, no ego. The Cure were like that as well, then suddenly there was this black high hair and really badly applied make-up! But that's OK. It's very British isn't it? We were very radical in that sense. We came and said we're beautiful, we're male and we're very dangerous. Where you get John Lydon's rants, which to me were very irrelevant even back then, Bauhaus weren't anti anything. We were about celebrating both the beauty and the ugly in a not obviously beautiful sense. That is quintessentially a Gothic notion. The original Gothic notion wasn't just about architecture it was about finding beauty or transcendence in the most unlikely places. Even looking at Gothic architecture itself it's quite spinal.." Source

Daniel Ash, Uncut 2020:

“It’s funny, because I sometimes say that we weren’t goth,” says guitarist Daniel Ash. “But I was in Bauhaus and our first single was ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’. Well of course we were goth! But that term was a bit of an insult in England back then. We were lumped in with Alien Sex Fiend, Sex Gang Children and Specimen, who we all thought were really crap.” Source

Robert Smith, Female First 2008:

"When I joined Siouxsie And The Banshees I was aware that I was stepping into a goth band, in that Siouxie was a goth icon. I became a de facto goth icon around that time. When I was with the Banshees I made the point of wearing pyjamas – I wore a blue stripey pyjama top. I wanted to make a point I was not part of this world…When we did the 'Faith' album in 1981, goth hadn't been invented then, we were actually a raincoat band. We were inventing goth with that album and 'Pornography'. But we weren't, we were just playing emotional music. I was feeling a bit desperate at the time…The record label had given up on us and the crowds were pretty much non-existent…And we were taking vast amounts of very strong drugs and actually didn't really give a shit. And that, somehow, gave rise to goth." Source

Robert Smith, Post-Punk/Rolling Stone, 2019:

"I’m aware we played a part in it, and I think that we’re part of the history of goth, without question, but like a footnote." Source

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Went outside for the first time in forever

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going to slimelight for the first time on saturday

i’m visiting from outside the country and i’m planning on going to frown of thorns on the 9th this week. i’ll be going by myself and im really excited but i don’t want to feel lost. anyone have any tips? also is it worth wearing a coat? i don’t want to sweat to death in there but i also don’t want to freeze outside walking home. thanks in advance!

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I’ve made my first flyer for an event We’re hosting in Prague. How did I do? Is it an ok flyer? Any tips on flyer-making?

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Bauhaus Announce First US Tour in 16 Years

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Hey! This is my first post here and I wanted to share my looks and for check today! Went to see some dinosaurs today so that’s why I’m holding a stuffed raptor 🤚

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