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Beastmilk Love In A Cold World

It's just neat

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We just released our debut album and would love to hear from you!

Hi everyone! Our cold-wave/post-punk duo Ostatnia Klatka have just released a debut album and started touring in Poland.

Freezing cold guitars, gloomy vocals, bass that could rearrange your room, synths straight from the 80s. We sing about living in Eastern European city, about our fears, about our lives.

That's what we wanted to say about ourselves, but tbh we would love to hear what YOU think about our first album. Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Here we picked some songs that are a good overview of our music, but we really encourage you to check the whole thing as it's quite diverse – and say a word or two what you think abuut it :).

Urobor – our goth side

Tlen – synth driven gloomy song

Przechodnie – inspired by Polish 80s rock classics

Uścisk – straight forward post-punk song with some heavier riffs in it

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need love songs

gfs birthday is coming up and shes goth, I got her this rly cool looking cd player but she only has like 1 cd so i wanted to burn her a couple so she could use it. dont want anything too obvious or mainstream i dont want it to look like i typed "goth love song" into google and saved the first 10 results. here are a few of the songs i already have :

  • here is to you my love /pink turns blue
  • mirror /bleib modern
  • grace /entwine
  • angel grey /seraphim shock
  • and there will be your heart also /fields of the nephilim
  • all the beauty /mortal love
  • enslaved /diva destruction
  • heaven /redlorryyellowlorry

i wont list everything bcs its a pretty long playlist but i just feel like its not enough/some of the songs arent good enough.

if it helps to get a feel of what she likes to listen to here are some of her favorite bands:

  • paralysed age

  • him

  • indigo raven

  • praise of folly

  • love like blood

  • sanguis et cinis

  • diva destruction

  • bleib modern

  • la scaltra


  • faith and the muse

  • trance to the sun

  • skeletal family

  • the naked and the dead

  • deadchovsky

  • faith & disease

  • the birthday massacre

  • darling violetta

  • mute angst envy

  • haunt me

  • mortal love

  • the shroud

so anything like that would be rly good. id prefer sappy over sexy but ill take anything just so i can have a bigger library of songs to look through. i have a few weeks. thank you

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Any love for the goth dudes?

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What’s one song that you’d love to see a goth cover of?

Can be humorous or sincere. Personally, I think tiktok by Ke$ ha could be amazing.

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I love that new Corpus Delicti sounds like old Corpus Delicti.

So many bands are reviving themselves after breaking up. Most of them don't even bother to write new material and just try to survive a live tour of fan favorites. It can feel like a bit of a last gasp at times. Then along comes the best goth band to come out of the 90's dropping new material. Corpus Delicti sound i n c r e d i b l e in 2024.

I felt they were always ahead of things back in the 90's compared to their peers. Great live shows as well floating around youtube.

They're a great example of how eschewing trends and finding your own sound, is why you can come back sounding the same decades later and not sound dated in the least. I'm here for it.

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I love being a goth thats doesn’t dress up

Hey, y'all who are feeling insecure about loving music and not dressing up, cheer up my friend! Most people here love you and excepts you! I LOVE the music but I don't really feel like dresses stereotypical or anything. I love this because I can wear professional business type pink colored clothes and pull out shit like "Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ" by Christian Death. I love being able to give people a bit of surprise! Am I strange for this? I don't really care.

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Lila Ehjä – Ghost love

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Our love has no goodbyes- the Kentucky vampires There’s something about this song that awakens a nostalgic feeling inside of me.

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Band Everyone Seems to Love Except You?

I'm talking new, old or both. I'll start with what may be a controversial one, but I don't like Joy Division. I appreciate their influence on the scene, but their music isn't anything to write home about and it's just boring. If I never heard them again, it'd be too soon.

Also, we as a society need to move past the Unknown Pleasures cover. We're better than that.

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