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Went to the club/show last night, i’m so cool…

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Set list from last night

ATTRITION – Silent Night

Parousia – Christmas Edition 2020

Ninth Circle – The Winds of Winter

Poetry of Shadows – Lady Winter

Bleib Modern – Winter Mood ( Danse )

Poetry of Shadows – Lady Winter

Soulscape – Winter Light

IKON – Gruss Vom Krampus

Diary of Dreams – Winter Souls

L’Âme Immortelle – Tiefster Winter

unitcode:machine – Cold (Beborn Beton )

The Last Dance – Winter (Standing Still)

The Crüxshadows – Winter Born (This Sacrifice) (club/radio edit)

Ant Banister – Sounds Like Winter (2018 Remix) +

Paralysed Age – Xmas-X

Midnight Configuration – Unfolding the Wings of Winter

Violent Eden – Cold as Gold (Distant Screams Mix)

Strap On Halo – Ode to Krampus

Lament – Winter

Draconian Incubus – Crimson Winter

A Cloud Of Ravens – In Winter's Arms

Who Saw Her Die? – A Very Vampire Christmas

Beastmilk – Nuclear Winter

Nox Novacula – The Cold

Deth Crux – Bloody Christmas

Zombina and the Skeletones – A Chainsaw For Christmas

Dullsville – Wonderful Christmastime

Rosegarden Funeral Party – Winter Song

Then Comes Silence – Blood Runs Cold

Phantom Leaf – Book Of Winter

Dan Scary – Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen

Grave Robber – Grandma Got Half Eaten By A Zombie

The Coffin Caddies – Halloween On Xmas

Dropkick Murphys – The Season's Upon Us

The Pogues – Fairytale of New York (feat. Kirsty MacColl)

The Real McKenzies – Auld Lang Syne

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Just finished my last exam!! So glad it’s Fashion Friday 🤗

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A few pictures from the Inkubus Sukkubus/ The Nosferatu show last night.

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Thoughts on “The Last Days Of Jesus”?

Wow. Such an underappreciated band. They mix deathrock and batcave goth music with aspects of horror punk and dark cabaret. and they're GOTH CLOWNS!!!!! Please, give them a listen, they're a criminally underrated bunch of people.

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I saw She Past away (my first concert ever) last night and had a blast!

The ticket price wasn't bad. It was $ 25. There was a cover band called Ghost Fetish, which I had never heard of, but are apparently a new band from Seattle. I was blown away by the entire experience. I can't accurately describe what I was feeling in words but the music really deeply stirred me.

I am glad I decided against wearing one of my Gothic lolita dresses. I went with a pair of New Rocks, which allowed me to see (since I am very short). She Past Away is one of my favorite bands so I was glad I could catch them here in the states especially. The venue was great, not too big or intimidating.

I can't dance but I was doing that side to side dancing in place dance and apparently so was nearly everyone else there. I think they said they would be back since the turnout was pretty good.

I am trying to get more involved in the local music scene (and probably along the west coast). I've been googling for similar upcoming events. Not sure where to start since I guess I'm new to the music scene.

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Nox Novacula- Last Will and Testament (Official Video)

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Twin Tribes tearing up Atlanta last night 🥀

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Saw the Sisters of Mercy last night

And let me tell you, it was absolutely sick. I got the barrier since I've been at the venue (Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette) since 2:30pm, the doors opened a little before 8pm. The support act, The Virginmarys, were sure not goth at all but still very good (I talked to them a little bit after at their merch booth and they were really nice guys, they even signed my CD), I listened to their albums beforehand and loved them, especially King of Conflict, so I was really excited to see them too. And then the Sisters of Mercy came on stage. Andrew didn't just stay static in front of the mic stand, he took the mic and went around on stage, doing little dances and robot-like moves. It was my first goth concert so I was really, really excited for it. And also, something incredible happened. At a moment, Ben Christo was playing in front of me, we had our hands raised, like a lot of people do at concerts, and… he handed me his guitar pick. I'm still so shocked. It's the first time I ever got a guitar pick from a concert, so it made my little black heart so, so happy. I'll cherish this pick and this moment forever. To sum it up, this was an incredible experience for me, and an absolute honor to see a living legend live.

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The Chameleons/The Mission last night 🖤

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