Burial Ground – Believe (2023)

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Opinion on the new kælan Mikla album?

I think it’s good but overall one of their weaker albums. It has an amazing atmosphere though.

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ranked my favorite goth albums, could be useful for baby bats

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Anyone remember the blog Strippy Tights and Dark Delights?

I remember randomly stumbling across this blog in my teens and I remember reading it all of the time. The blog has been dead for years now but does anyone else remember this blog and reading it?

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What’s your favorite catchy obscure and underground goth song?

The title basically, can be death rock, dark wave or gothic rock

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Playlist for last weekend

Mal di Luna – Moth

Sexblood – Doctor Death

The Silence Industry – The Crawling Eye

Lacrima Necromanzia – Caution Exhaust

Louvado Abismo – Corrida Lenta


Diamanda Galás – Deliver Me From Mine Enemies: I. This Is The Law Of The Plague

Kommunity FK – Junkies

Night Sins – Silver Blade

Brilliant – Scream Like an Angel

Skeletal Family – Enough Is Enough

pMad – Missing [ Single ]

Sounds Like Winter – You're All Alone (Demo)

Chain Cult – Κράτος φόβου

Datura – Our Ship Is Lost

SPECTRES – Chain Reaction

MASSES – Providence

Vietnam – What Have I Done?

Wieże Fabryk – Front

Pleasure Leftists – Private Persons

SECTARIAN BLOOM – Western Nights

Börn – Vonin er drepin

Nyx Division – Orchid Rain

The Brides – Headed for a Hole

Baron Fantôme – Bat-Love

Two Moons – Rain

Bells of Soul – From dust to dust

SCARY BLACK – The Fallacy of Worth

Gótia – Dança Perpétua

Sequential Zero – It's not about you

Damien Hearse – DIVINE SWINE

Lovtraxx – TRAUMEN

altan – Rüzgar

Oliver Decrow – I'm Too Young To Die

HUIR – Arch

VickVapors – Torn

Licorice Chamber – As the World Breathes

Claustraphobia – Those Precious Nightmares

Wireworks – The Empty Room

Mark E Moon – Crystal

nino sable – HYDRA

IAMTHESHADOW – Even the Air is a Ruin

Terminal Serious – Metamorphosis

Haunt Me – Entumecido

Shelley's Lullaby – Til Death Do Us Part

On The Floor – Embrace

Cerulean Veins – Dance in the Darkness


Enola Gay ft Mother Molotov – Darkest Parts

Propter Hoc – Lip Servant

Tearful Moon – Skeletons In The Closet

Casket Cassette – Losses

Locust Revival. – LOCUST HAUS

David J – Vampire Blues

Tokyo Teens – The Crying Tree

Vision Video – I Love Cats

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How many people was introduced to the subsculture by “spellbound – siouxsie and the banshees”?

Its the very first goth song that i listened to when my friend introduced it to me yonks ago & its what made me fall in love with the genre. I can see that its one of the most popular songs siouxsie made and im just wondering how many other people was introduced to the subculture by spellbound, and if not, which song introduced you to this?

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/r/goth’s Weekly Discussion Thread

Want to chat about something which doesn't need it's own thread? Do it here!

Feel free to discuss music, fashion, events, DIY projects, etc. and anything relating to goth as long as it's in line with the subreddit rules.

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Movies that encapsulate goth music, attitude, and/or style?

I’m a huge shoegaze fan and we have our good few movies that are a part of the holy shoegaze canon (Araki stuff, Lost in Translation), but do goths have any? They don’t necessarily have to have goth music, but if you do know any movies with goth songs, I’d love to hear them. Movies that capture the atmosphere of goth music, have a visual style relating to goth music, or just have successfully written goth characters. I’ve heard Lisa Frankenstein may fit.

Are there any movies that come to mind?

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Where was this TSOM photo taken?

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