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What band is this pin from? I don’t know and I can’t find this logo anywhere else + I don’t wanna keep it on my jacket if it means something bad lol. Thx.

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Anyone know bands similar to Clan of Xymox?

Specifically similar to the album Medusa. That shit is ethereal and I need more.

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Going to a show and insecure that i dont know how to dance lmao

Ive just been a listener and have never went to shows. Finally going to one and insecure that i dont know how to dance lmao. From what ive seen most of it seems like a kind of swaying dance and lots of use of the arms. I dont wanna look like an idiot and be banished lol

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I love Goth music but I honestly don’t know if I belong

I do apologize for using a throwaway 'cause I don't feel quite comfortable revealing myself and admitting what's been troubling me, But that said, given the nature of what I'm gonna share as well as me every so often mentioning a non-Goth culture for context I think it is more than fair for the mods to delete this post if they believe it doesn't belong here. I don't got a lot of people to talk about this though, so I'm just gonna give it a try.

Simply put, I love Goth music. And I've loved it for over ten years. Started when I was about 14 when I got into Fields of the Nephilim. Afterwards it was especially stuff from the 90s and early 2000s that I liked. Switchblade Symphony, Shadow Dance, Diva Destruction to name a few. Lately I've been getting into newer stuff which I admit passed me by before. I really like Lebanon Hanover and Nox Novacula.

But I also love and consider myself part of another culture which is Metal. Sure, hardly uncommon, y'all probably get like a million threads a day of a Metalhead asking for recommendations on Goth music or someone mistaking Gothic Metal for Goth. I have been a fan of Metal since I was 11. I'm 26 now. Been a fan of Metal even a bit longer than I've been a fan of Goth and Darkwave.

I got a circle of people from various subcultures. My best friend who I'd do anything for loves rap music. We grew up together. My girlfriend's into Industrial and EBM, cyberfalls, gasmask and all, but she likes Metal too, she's a lot more extroverted than I am. And I know Goths, of course. Have never had the chance to a Goth club though. There's a Metal pub here and that's where a lot of alternative folks in general go to. A Goth club just ain't there where I live and I ain't got the money to travel. Nevermind that I'm just shy so it's funny I suppose that I feel more intimidated than I do visiting a pub full of aging biker dudes.

But I just don't know anymore if I still have ''the right'' to consider myself associated with Goth culture. I constantly hear stories of animosity between Goths and Metalheads that discourages me and at times makes me feel like I'm intruding. The stories I hear of some Metalheads just showing up bullying people 'cause they ain't like them sickens me. And I don't want other Goths to see me, knowing that I got those same roots and feel intimidated by me. I don't wanna be that guy. Bad experiences are as valid as good experiences and I know that me saying ''there's good ones'' doesn't sound as sincere over the internet.

Where I live we all get along swimmingly. Most respect and appreciate eachother regardless of whether you're a Metalhead, Goth, Punk or whatever and those who ain't are out. We got a zero tolerance mind on that here. But maybe I'm just lucky to be in such an environment.

I'm not gonna dismiss people's experiences just 'cause my own were better. The things I've heard about what some tryhard windmill mcdumbfucks have done because they're so obsessed with their own tribe bothers me immensely. It's the kind of toxicity in my culture that I've brawled with the moment I've called myself a part of that culture. I know a lot of people who think the same.

There's this guy who got me into it when I was a kid, much older, was a friend of my mother, played ping pong with me to make me feel at ease. I don't even remember his name, took his life later but he gave me the keys to a community I could feel myself in back when I was just a little kid. I'm forever grateful for that.

But that culture can be very extroverted and overpowering you know? Great people but I just ain't always got the mental energy to keep up. It's like that pushy friend you love but you gotta have some space.

Through Goth music I've always felt there was a culture that's a bit more aware of my personal space and limits. No pressure, no feeling of having to prove something other than me liking the music. I'm the kinda guy who just likes to sit at the bar and have a chat with people. Have a drink or two and then go on my merry way.

But lately I just can't get over what I'm told. Goths telling me about the time metalheads came to bully them. The stories of toxic masculinity, homophobia, sexism and excessive tribalism. I can't stand people who do such things, but y'all know the meaning of the term ''rotten apples spoil the bunch'' right? Well I'm part of the bunch so inevitably I'm associated with such asshats. And knowing that, I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable and I certainly understand why there might be some Goth individuals who just feel like people with a Metal background don't belong even if they like Goth music. I might not agree but I understand how those feelings rise.

It makes me feel like it ain't my place to call myself associated with Goth culture. I've been calling out the BS in my own culture as much as I call out BS anywhere else. I've called out that ''When I zone out I see red'' Metalhead who went into the moshpit just to beat people up. And I've called out a Goth I knew who was let's just say more than a little racist. That's just a matter of values. Didn't think of what subculture they're from.

But I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable is all. I suppose I can get over a Goth not considering me a Goth 'cause I'm also a Metalhead. But I can't get over feeling like I'm intimidating people 'cause of my cultural background. I'm a pretty ''masculine'' person of the healthy variety, especially in appearance I'd say. Knowing the hypermasculine roots of Metal I know it leave an impression. I also know that such an impression isn't always a good one and I wanna do my best to alleviate those impressions not just 'cause I feel like I gotta play janitor and clean up the toxicity but also a matter of personal values.I just hear these stories so often there are times where I feel like maybe it just ain't my right to be there. I ain't saying I'm giving up on making my culture a more inclusive and welcoming environment, and I'm sure as hell not alone on that. I'm just saying that I don't wanna intrude. I'm a broken record at this but like I said; I don't wanna make people uncomfortable

I don't know if I still consider myself a Goth but I love the music, always will. And I respect Goths a great deal. That won't change.

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what’s a goth band you absolutely love, but no one seems to know about?

for me, it's swedish post-punk duo "dial m for murder!". they released 1 awesome album in 2009, but seems to have fallen into obscurity, unfortunately.

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Anyone know the origins of the bauhaus version blue and black robot album cover to telegram sam?

it's just a shower thought that's beenracking my brain recently and now i'm curious

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the three shadows II by bauhaus – anyone know the meaning?

this song is one of my favorites by bauhaus. the lyrics are very unique and i know peter likes to write poetic and meaningful songs. anybody know what this song is about?

lyrics: Oh classic gentlemen Say your prayers To the wind, of prostitution To your faces, and Rex complexes Riddle my breast Full of the oppressed puss

Oh gentlemen, with your fish The you surround, all around And you man, will always point Your fishes, at me

But I will always exist Because I always exist Damn good too

The rat race begins The fat face stings I hold the fresh pink baby With a smile I slice off those rosy cheeks Because I feel so thirsty

And Oedipus Rex complexes Riddle my closed bloated breast

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Goth band patches? This is my goth vest (front and back) and I’ve been searching everywhere for more black and white goth patches, including Bandcamp, websites, Etsy, eBay etc. Does anyone know of any bands that are currently selling patches that would go nicely on my vest? I’m trying to fill it up.

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Does anyone know anything about this band?

I was browsing spotify these days and found out about this band named vampire beach babes. I really like their tunes, but they only have one album with 7 songs on spotify and youtube. I searched for more info on them, found their website, wikipedia page and some random blog posts recomending their music and i really wanted to listen to their other albums or just know if they're like, nice people yaknow (saw an old reddit post saying that the lead singer is kinda weird but nothing too absurd). Also if anyone have any bands that have similar sound to recommend would be great. Btw I'm a baby bat if u couldn't tell lol.

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the fetishisation of goth women/fems. relating to the meme we all know (reddit won’t let me type it but you know the one)

i hate how the meme has spiralled out of control and turned into something awful. men express their need for an alternative girlfriend and depict these girls as any girl with dark hair who has darker makeup, they don’t consider anyone who dresses traditionally goth or different to these online egirls. the women who panda to this standard also make me sick but that’s a different matter (i am also a woman so am not trying to drag others down, just making a point). i hate how these men also assume that all alternative girls are into very hardcore things in bed, this isn’t always the case and im not sure where this link/association came from. this is leading to men not feeling as though they need to ask alternative women and fems for consent (something that happened to me many moons ago and was deemed okay because i’m goth and “that’s what i wanted” when i clearly didnt) this meme has gotten so out of control, so much so that i feel as though i cannot leave the house without getting remarks related to this meme thrown at me, i just find it completely derogatory and wondered what you wonderful people think about all of this?

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