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Genuinely creepy/disturbing goth songs?

Hey y'all, I know that lots of goth music is spooky, but what about goth songs that genuinely unsettle or disturb you in any way? Please! I am so curious! One of them for me would be celebrate by Fields of the Nephilim (I love it tho).

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What are your favorite coldwave songs?

I've been really getting into Cocteau Twins lately and have been thinking about diving deeper into coldwave. I am not very familiar with many coldwave bands so some recommendations would be appreciated.

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Songs with a communist/leftist message?

Trying to make a playlist of more political music for a certain mood. Would love some suggestions! Thank you darklings 🦇

Edit: Posting playlist here thanks for the amazing suggestions it’s just what I needed comrades

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Your top 10 goth songs?

I'm always eager to find some new positions to my playlist, so your responses will help a lot;)

Here's my list:
1) Faith and the Muse – The Silver Circle
2) Voodoo Church – Rest in Peace
3) Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hall of Mirrors
4) Xmal Deutchland – Eisengrau
5) Xmal Deutchland – Succubus Incubus
6) Sacred Hearts – Crocodile Tears
7) Selofan – I'm Addicted
8) Lords of the New Church – Dance with Me
9) Christ vs. Warhol – Robin Hood in Reverse
10) 45 Grave – Evil
Honorable mention: Siouxsie and Banshees – Each song from Juju album

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Favorite songs that use a theremin?

I recently acquired a theremin, and I'm learning how to use it. I'd like to practice with songs that utilize a theremin, so that I can make my own spooky gothic alien music. So what are your favorite goth/dark wave/post-punk songs that use a theremin?

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Seeking songs for loss and grief

Which goth songs hold a personal significance to you because they offered comfort while you were experiencing loss or grief? Optional: What's the story about your personal connection to the song(s)?

Here are two you're likely familiar with:

Flowers For Agatha – "The Freedom Curse"

This song tears me apart. I played it over and over when I was experiencing a life-changing, liminal period of life – several friends who I loved deeply had distanced themselves, everyone I knew was disappearing, and I had no idea who I was anymore. It speaks to bittersweet pain and mourning without dragging me down. Poignant.

Faith & the Muse – "Old Souls"

Back in the 00s, a dear eldergoth friend sent me a goth mixtape with a note about this song. She'd listened to it extensively after the tragic loss of her best friend. We've since lost contact. It reminds me of her.

Thanks in advance! 🖤

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Horniest Goth Songs You Can Think Of. Go! 🖤

I’m just suddenly in the most feral mood rn & would love some new recommendations, be they good or just kinda silly. or even better, both! thanks!

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Lovecraftian Goth Songs?

Making a playlist of goth music with a Lovecraftian/ weird fiction/ horror vibe.

Specific references to the work are great, but I'll settle for anything that you think feels right. All sub-genres welcome.

Thanks for your input! 🦇

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Any gay goth songs?

Hello fellow bats!

I'm looking for some good gay goth song recommendations. Besides Gay Goth Dance Machine by This Cold Night. While relatable, it's the only thing i can find, and not very romantic. Anyone have anything?

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songs that make you feel like a real vampire?

mine is currently ‘buried alive’ by radio werewolf. what’s yours?

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