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can someone tell me why they only ever made two songs? or if anyone knows where i can learn more about this band.

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goth songs about vampires

does anyone know of any goth songs that have lyrics about vampires? i'm trying to create a themed playlist and would appreciate any help

i only have these so far:

45 grave – riboflavin

selofan – billie was a vampire

paralysed age – bloodsucker

bauhaus – bela lugosi's dead

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sci fi/science fiction themed goth songs? does it exist?

I've been into the science fiction theme a lot since childhood (especially robots) and I wonder if there is any goth songs that has science fiction theme. I know goth may be into fantasy or supernatural things. I like those too but I wonder if there are goth songs that are more sci fi. Could be some dystopian or utopian futures, robots, space, sci fi horror, or any sci fi theme.

I am more into Goth rock and death rock, but I am open to other goth genres like darkwave too.
So any sci fi goth songs you know of?

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What songs have great “hooks” like “Reptile” by The Church or “Swamp Thing” by The Chameleons?

Listened to both of these today. So what else?

A few others:
"Stranger" Clan of Xymox
"Why Can't I Be You" The Cure
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division

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Romantic, sad, and melodic goth songs?

I’m looking for song recommendations that fit the title. I’ve been listening to alot of Pink Turns Blue, Traitrs, Sad Lovers & Giants, The Chameleons lately (to name a few). Here are a couple songs I’ve been particularly enjoying:

-Tomorrow never comes – Pink turns blue

-Second Skin – The Chameleons

-Lost in a moment – Sad lovers & giants

-After all – Pink turns blue

I sit and watch the worm beneath my nail – Traitrs

I’m not a very big fan of noisy music, I prefer the music to be more “clear” (if that makes sense), and I’m not a big fan of overly dissonant sounding songs either.

I know that this is possibly a long shot, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Thank you in advance🖤

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Goth songs about nature

Hi everyone, I'm quite new to this subculture, anyways could you please recommend some good songs about nature? Preferably something that sounds similar to the music that Molchat Doma and Xmal Deutschland make, but that's optional.

Thanks a lot <3

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Seen Sisters of Mercy live, always disappointed, however now, less smoke, Andrew seems in good shape and new songs that sounds good. Really positive surprise

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do you know any songs similar to this one?

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Love Songs!

Does anyone know any good goth love songs? Preferably with female vocalists? I tried looking for playlists on Spotify which claimed to have goth love songs, but many of the songs weren't even goth, so I'm at a loss right now

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Comfort songs?

Which songs do you find yourselves listening to all the time/always feel right?

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