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A new goth friend I made told me I lied about being goth

Okay so I live in a urban area so I have always been the "emo girl" in my neighborhood. My family is hispanic/black so I grew up with a lot of them telling me "you just want to be into that white people s***"

So when I went to college and finally met another goth girl I was ecstatic. She came up to me and we hit it off and actually didn't talk about music taste deeply till a few days later.

So the mitski concert happened and I went to it because I like her. My friend had saw that post and texted me that she thought I was goth. I told her I was, but I like other music artist to.

Then she started asking if I've gone to a goth concert or a goth club and I said no. I'm like 19 my mom would never let me go to a club. Also I thought you couldn't go to a club under the age of 21. I'm so confused. Plus apparently since I've gone to other concerts for my other music taste that I'm not serious about being goth.

Anyway she told me that I should stick to calling myself alternative and not lying to people about me being goth.

So I'll be honest goth music is not my top genre atm. It's in my top 5 though. I listen to punk,metal,rock, indie AND goth music.

Can I not listen to other music and go to non-goth concerts?

Like I would go to a goth concert, but twin tribes isn't coming to my state nor city. Which is most likely the only goth artist who I like who can come over to my city.

Idk I guess I'm just looking for some advice and maybe some validation.

I really wanted to make a friend who didn't listen to rap/hip-hop/pop. I have nothing against those genres but I just wanted a friend who could listen to some similar music to me and go to concerts. Maybe even show me some more music.

Also I guess I kind of understand where she is coming from because now we have things like "clean goth" (idek) and people just marketing off the goth style now without listening to the music.

Though I'm not one of them. I'm just feeling like a poser right now, also kind of sad.

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“Tropes” in goth music?

I'm not sure what else to call it, but What "tropes" or "motifs" I guess that can be found in goth songs do you like the most? Either lyrically or sonically? For example, one of my favorite goth lyric tropes is dark romance and Sonically, when they use church bells or wolf howling.

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Berkeley Goth Night

TOMORROW!! Join us for a thrilling night of goth, post-punk and new wave beats at 924 Gilman!! We will play all the hits you know and love with unbelievable immersive visuals!! Don't let FOMO consume you! Whether you're a seasoned goth or just curious, you won't wanna miss it!!

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Goth bands that have a similar sound to Buck-tick?

Hello! I'm kind of new to goth music, and my experience so far has been limited to goth-ish visual kei artists such as Közi or Buck-Tick around the 90s, but I really love their sound and want to find more. I have checked out some of the bands listed on the sidebar on this subreddit, but I'm having trouble pinning down the soft/dark yet somewhat rock-adjacent sound that I love about the aforementioned bands. If anyone has recommendations, I would love to receive them!

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Gothabet (Best/Your Favourite Goth Albums from A-Z) Round 15: O

I'd like to say thank you to my friend u/TheHiyaPeople for taking over for N! I was sick and had to take a break. Anyway…

Current list:

A – Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone

B – Body and Soul by The Sisters of Mercy

C – Closer by Joy Division

D – Disintegration by The Cure

E – Elizium by Fields of the Nephilim

F – Fetisch by Xmal Deutschland

G – Garlands by Cocteau Twins

H – Heaven is Waiting by The Danse Society

I – In the Flat Field by Bauhaus

J – Juju by Siouxsie and the Banshees

K – Killing Joke by Killing Joke

L – Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space

M – Medusa by Clan of Xymox

N – Nox Novacula by Nox Novacula


Must be goth. Read the wiki/FAQ if you're unsure.

One band per letter. Any attempt to nominate a band already featured will be ignored.

Doesn't have to be an album, can be an EP.

Please post only one album per comment. (It's easier to keep track of) You can comment multiple times, though.

Each round ends after 24 hours. (Inconsistent schedule, it'll probably be even more inconsistent since I'm sick right now.)

Best/favourite album that starts with O?

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Political history of the goth subculture?

To start things off, I‘d like to explain my reasoning behind this post. I have considered myself to be goth for about a year now (give or take). In this time I‘ve only learned about the musical history of the subculture, which is by far the most important it seems. The partition from mainstream punk to the opening of the Batcave (which isn‘t all too far apart time-wise iirc.) Have I missed an important political event or movement?

Recently I’ve been indulging in more goth tiktok content, which i‘ve been steering clear of because well.. tiktok can be cruel and misleading. I came across a video talking about how the musical history is important, however the political side and the ideals are more important. Ideals? Politics? Have I missed something? (i possibly might have, as one cant know everything)

In this persons comments I proceeded to inform them about how the music is the core and main part of the subculture. I asked them in a relatively friendly manner if they could tell me about the political side of the subculture because I had assumed the subculture to be mainly music focused unlike the Punk culture which it originated from.

They seemed to have taken my comment as a sort of attack or rant which wasn’t my intention at all. I apologized and wanted to make sure that they knew I was genuinely asking a question in hopes to learn more. They ended up blocking me before I could properly get my point across.

I apologize if this is a hard and/or long read. This topic has been bothering me because I genuinely didn‘t want to offend this person. I hope somebody here could tell me about the more political side of the goth subculture.

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Newer generations of goth guitarists playing in the style of W.Hussey / Porl king?

A question, thats been lingering for a awhile, popped up in my head here …

Any recommendations on newer generations of really good gothic rock guitarists / guitar playing in the style of Marx/Hussey/King etc?

To be more specific: What I’m looking for is not more too simple copies of Wayne Hussey or the 2020s school of minimalism and so on. I’m looking for players like Porl King (when Rosetta Stone was still active) and Mark Wheeler (Who played on Irony of fate with Love like blood ages ago before they turned into a different more metal influenced act) who in my opinion took the style of playing into new directions but still stood with both feet in Gothic rock if you know what I mean.

Many of the newer bands I’ve come across are aiming for something more simple and minimalistic: Say, Molchat Doma – they’re great but they’re a bit of a different thing to me than my fave guitar goth acts (who all seems to have popped up in the 80s and 90s) She passed away is well produced and has good intense energy and so on but the guitars are nowhere near what Porl King did and Wayne Hussey still does (at least live)

Are there any new players/bands that I have missed? Any recommendations?

PS: I am very impressed by some of Pre-Occupations material by the way, I can hear clearly they've been through the LedZep, Hussey/Marx/S.Kilbey/Swans/fieldsofthe/etc thing but they doesn't count as a gothic rock band DS

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Soviet punk Egor Letov with goth makeup as seen on the cover of the album “Punk and Rock and Roll”, Omsk, Siberia, 1985

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Fairytale/fantasy style goth?

hii! I need recommendations of goth that's like very whimsical and fairy-like. I wanna feel like a goth fairy in a fairytale. I love goth music in general but I'm super into ethereal wave, so bonus points if it fits ! An example of a song I feel fits perfectly is The Divine by The Dreamside, so similar songs or ones that share a similar vibe would be amazing! thanks <3

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Goth Music in Spanish?

I recently saw Twin Tribes live and really enjoyed their song Sangre de Oro. Unfortunately, that seems to be their only song in Spanish so I'm looking for something similar. Anyone got recommendations on Spanish goth bands or specific songs?

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