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Pink Turns Blue & Israel/Zionism

Hi everyone, I recently left Reddit but I've been a member on this sub for a while so I wanted to come back on my alt account to spread awareness about this. It's been very disappointing to me and I know this subreddit has a section about about controversial bands.

In case you missed it, Pink Turns Blue posted about their upcoming shows on their Instagram and a bunch of people in the comments called them out about continuing to play their show in Israel despite the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. They acted very defensive and copy pasted the same responses to every person calling them out about blatantly disregarding the boycott against Israel. After some time, they started responding to people with "ok, giving up now!!!" which is such a childish response.

They've since turned the comments off on that post, but their stance basically was "why should we be any safer than our fans" and "just because their government has done shitty things doesn't mean our fans there agree with it". which isn't the point, they're still going to Israel and supporting their economy while they are actively committing a genocide. I wouldn't have been as disappointed if they actually listened to the fans calling them out and decided to recognize the boycott and not support Israel's economy. Instead, they got defensive, turned off the comments, and then blocked me when I called them out for that on another post.

This isn't me trying to "cancel" them, but I am extremely disappointed in their response to all of this and just want it to be known that it happened since they're trying to silence the backlash by turning off comments all together.

They've been one of my favorite bands for years now and their childish response to this has completely turned me away. Their music has always been so far from this viewpoint and it's shocking to me how they handled this. This goes against everything the goth/post-punk scene stands for.

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