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is it wrong to say that the goth subculture has philosophy and politics?

some day ago i talked with a person that said "saying that goth subculture has philosophy and politic is fallacy" is this person right? where i can read about this?

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Goth and politics or whatever

Hi. So I have a question on goth and what its all about, I guess in politics. Im so sorry if this has been asked!!!!! Im new cause the cure just appeared on my yt recommendations, and it changed my life after listening to the same lady gaga songs for a whole year.

So I was on a girl’s page on tik tok and she was explaining that to be goth, you have to listen to the music. Obviously, every goth person who has decent views makes a video saying that same things over and over.

And one of the comments said, “Not only music, but you also have to share the same political views.” And I’m wondering what political views are exactly.

Obv I know that anyone from any background or religious beliefs can be goth, but idk abt this exactly. Tbh I dont care about politics, cause im tired of my family and people on the internet yelling abt it lmao. But my best guess is that it’s more left leaning.

Has the music really cared about politics? The world has changed ik. Its why Im asking. Do you guys agree with the comment?

Is it really essential? Whats the vibe guys lol


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