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The Castle date rape drug problem

Is the owner of The Castle aware that his staff is banning guest that report their drinks being spiked? Or that members of his staff have been gaslighting victims and those defending victims?

I wasn’t at the castle last weekend when those people got banned after they filed a police report, I also do not know those people, but I’m aware of several victims getting their drinks spiked and several staff gaslighting.

I do not believe the owner is aware of what is going on, but something needs to be done before this ruins the local community.

there has been reports of someone hanging around the patio that had dropped something into drink

I suspect that a bar tender is involved, possibly other staff due to their past support of predators, and gaslighting.

I would like to see the security footage from that night, but I doubt we’ll get to see, it’s probably already been deleted.

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