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How has becoming a parent affected your lifestyle and relationship with the goth scene?

I'm in my 20's, still very much a babybat, and trying to learn about the history and scene today.

For the Goths who are now parents, how did that life event change or affect you? I guess if I am being honest, I'm more primarily interested in the perspective of 90's Goths, but if you're not, please still do share.

If you're an adult, but don't have kids or never plan to have kids, are you able to share what it's been like to see if your siblings, friends, and other people around your age having kids?

I feel particularly inspired by people who continue the lifestyle in parenthood, and share their connections to scenes. I once met a woman who was running a theater store, and she actually told me she used to be a Goth girl, and would join Goth clubs or Industrial clubs in Los Angeles. But now that she's a parent, she no longer visits the clubs or sports the iconic wardrobe.

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