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I’m offering free professional mixing for one song

Hey community,

I make my living as musician/producer/mix engineer, a position I consider myself very lucky to be in. Last year, I offered free mixing of one song to one artist on the shoegaze board that is in need, and I’m once again offering the same thing this year, but also posting this here to get more possible entrants.

Some goth or goth-influenced/adjacent artists I've done work for include Fearing, House of Harm, Tamaryn, Topographies, Cold Showers, Glaare, Second Still, The Harrow, The Sea at Midnight and more. I truly want this to be an altruistic gift and don't want any personal benefits from this, so I won't be posting links to my sites or anything, but if you want, DM me and I can send you examples so you know I'm for real.

To submit yourself for consideration, just reply to this thread with a little background info on your project/the song you want mixed (maybe a link to the demo if you’re comfortable sharing it, or you can just dm me). Please nobody who is on label that provides budget support, or who has the financial means to get songs mixed professionally already – I really want this to help an artist that otherwise could not have their music professionally mixed.

I will pick a winner December 24 (using a random lottery system, which I will post a video of) and I will deliver a final mix within two weeks of receiving the stems/project file.

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