Went to my first goth club!!!!!

And it was absolutely amazing!!! I've ment to go for like a year but always been to socially anxious to go out but this time I was like fuck it lets go. It's an event that happens like once a 3 months in the city and I went alone which was terrifying but when I was there it was so absolutely amazing hearing the music you listen to on your own actually being played in a club.

Everyone was dressed so amazing and there was so much diversity and different generations. And seing so much people Dance and dancing myself was a blast. It made me really happy to be once among other goth folk and especially seing the scene still being alive!!!!! For anyone who ever wanne do the same just honestly do the scary thing and go, even if it's alone. Cause when you visit and you hear the amazing music you can just Dance and have such a beautiful time. (And found out I love dancing haha)

Also for anyone curious this was Sanctuary in Sydney (Lebanon Hanover is ganne play here in a vew months, im so pumped)

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