Anyone else a ‘latecomer’ to Goth?

Hi there

Thought I'd introduce myself and explain a bit about how I've got here

. TLDR: Im turning 30 this year and have finally started really heading down the goth path and just wondering if anyone else has a similar story of coming into Goth a little later?

I had a bit of a weird childhood/early teenhood that kind of cut me off from really being exposed to music. (Strictish Christian parents, ended up going to a private Christian ACE based school for secondary) I remember an online friend sending me some music via MSN (HIM) and yeah my music exposure was kind of limited.

It broadened a bit when I was 16 and went to college (Im in the UK) I started studying in 08 which was sort of the peak of the emo and then scene eras and so a lot of the artists I found and enjoyed were def in that sort of sphere like emo/pop punk adjacent with a bit of general rock and metal thrown in. (weirdly mcr wasn't one of these and I only started listening to them fairly recently)

And yeah I remember thinking all the alt kids I saw at my college looked cool (remember seeing a mix of like emo, scene, metal heads and goths) but I wasn't allowed to like explore that side of things on an aesthetic level as much as I want to ( yet again my parents, had little-no money of my own, lack of places to shop, plus sized) so I sort of looked on in want.

And yeah in recent times I've realised that basically I haven't grown out of my 'alt' leanings and well Im an adult now who has access to some (not a lot but some) money and that I was def drawn to Goth on an aesthetic/lifestyle level at least and as it turns out I enjoy the music side of it too and its quite nice finally having the chance to explore dressing the way I want and listening to what I want and it all just generally feels right for me.

So yeah there's my story of how at 29 I'm finally doing what teenage me wanted to do.

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