Are there any young goths in Ohio? (Or any at all…)

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask this here, but I’ve been so desperate to find literally anyone in the scene. I don’t know any goths, or even anyone who might consider themselves a goth. I’m 21(f) and every other goth my age seems to not even live in my country 😓

I’ve never been to a goth club and I really really want to. I don’t have many friends at all, so I have no one to go to anything with. I’m terrified of going anywhere alone, I’ve actually never gone out alone for the night at all. I’m scared of being kidnapped or human trafficked I guess.

I live in Ohio and I think it’s the shittiest state ever for night life. There’s like 3 clubs in the entire state (or so I know) and I feel like all the goths who live here are fully solidified into their friend groups and wouldn’t want some shy 21yr old around them. I just want to know are there any younger goths (or even just the ppl who really like goths) in Ohio who need someone to go to a club or a rave with them? Bc that would be awesome. And if that’s too much to ask for, I’d settle for just some goth friends! 🖤

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