Did Angela Benedict ever formally apologize for using the n-word?

I used to watch her a lot (I’m a Black Goth, been in the scene for about a decade) a long time ago when I was new to the subculture. I remember when she did her first cover of Romeo’s Distress without the n-word and people pressured her to re-do it and she actually did it and sang it. I remember watching it. I stopped watching her for a bit but I also think that maybe she stopped posting? I’ve recently noticed a resurgence in her posts or maybe she’s just popping up in my feed again. I can’t find either video of her singing Romeo’s Distress anywhere but I also can’t find a formal apology. Did she just quietly take the video down and never publicly formally apologize? She was definitely in her 30s-40s at the time and old enough to know better I think. And I would appreciate seeing an acknowledgment of wrongdoing to her Black fans literally anywhere.

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