Do you have any goth bands with empasis on the lyrics/vocals?

I considered whether or not to make this post cause I feel like people ask for bands all the time here, but I though, why not, worst case I get no replies….

I'm usually very particular about my music, so things that fit the mold of what I like may end up not impressing me, but I've been into goth for a while and listening to the same bands over and over so I want to expand my tastes… I will admit I'm not the most knowlegable, so there is a chance I'm missing very clasic bands. Dont be afraid to recomend obvious stuff

From what I've gathered, I really like 90's goth the most. My favourite band, by far being Suspiria, which i dont hear being talked about a lot. What I love about them is the vocals and the lyrics. I place heavy emphasis on lots of lyrics with complex meaning, which I havent been able to find in combination with the goth guitar and synth they have. I also really like The sisters of mercy but i havent been able to analyse exactly what it is I like… Again I think it comes down to the lyrics. Other bands I really like include Rosetta stone and the witching hour… I listen to lots of other stuff, but these are the ones that have really stuck with me and moved me… I guess i could say i'm looking for something unique that will really stand out…

Sorry for the long post… But I know people here will probably have my anwser

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