Does the “big tiddy goth g*rlfr*end” thing bother you or is it just me?

Man sorry for a rant but I am so sick of people viewing goths as just a fuck toy. Sick of people fetishizing something I love and diminishing it to “they must be good in bed”.

Every other day I’ll be in discord with my friends and one will ask me to find him a goth girl to date when he himself is not goth. Like idk dude, how about you give a shit about the sub culture instead of treating us like novelties.

I had a coworker come up to me the other day and tell me that her son told her that you “can’t trust goth girls bc they might be super hot and good in bed but they’re probably furries”. Like where the fuck do people get this information and how do people have the audacity to say these things to people that are obviously of this subculture.

Not only is it pretty fuckin sexist but it’s just rude idk rant over

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