F*** Andy F*** SOM

We really killed ourselves as a band with the end of a tour to play with Sunshine and SOM. Wee little Andy at the time saw our 90's webspawner webape and decried "you're a goth a band" I'm a rock band! This totally fucked us and Sunshine Blind. When we tried to retort, the wee little man said "put their heads on pikes for all I care"


It was great to hear the "too goth" movement showed up that night, but wee Andy made clear that night "we're a rock and roll band"

What has SOM and Andy given to you? If he hates it so much, why do we bother? For every penny you spent on the music have you gotten anything back?

AE is not a goth figure, he's made it quite clear, time and time again.

He just keeps leaching on it to make a buck

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