Glad I introduced my mom to some Goth bands

Recently I played to my mom some post-punk/goth albums. Sisters of Mercy "FALAA", Lebanon Hanover "Tomb for two", Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" (not goth, especially this album, but still related), The Cure "Faith" (IMO not a goth record, but too many people consider it goth), The Chameleons "Script of the bridge" (same), Bauhaus "Burning from the inside". And she loved some of it! She really loved SoM and The Chameleons. She loved Lebanon Hanover in general, though it was a bit repetitive for her. She really loved some songs of Bauhaus, but disliked others. She wasn't impressed with JD, and she kind of liked "Faith", but stated that it's too depressed record. And she likes sad music, it calms her, so… probably it's really depressing haha. Also she's familiar with Dead can dance and Lacrimosa, before many years; probably even before I started to listen to JD and Siouxsie & the Banshees.

I'm planning to play her "17 seconds" by The Cure, the first album of Clan of Xymox, "Floodland" by SoM, the second JD's album, and Alien Sex Fiend's "maximum security". Probably she'll like part of it.

I'm glad I succeeded to enrich my mom's musical tastes. Love her

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