I’m literally sick and disgusted.

I'm so sick of Goths, particularly female Goths, being sexualized the way they are right now.

I'm 13, and I've been catcalled multiple times, a few months ago, the first time I was catcalled, I wasn't even 13. I was 12. TWELVE- And these guys who catcall me are like 50.

I know catcalling isn't the worst thing that can happen, but still, these people are like 4x my age and it's literally so gross.

I had a fear of leaving my house or being alone for a while, I'm starting to grow out of it, but it's taking a while.

Can't people tell I'm a minor? I'm not allowed to wear makeup outside the house, I've been told many times I look younger than my age. People in my school literally say I "Look like a Goth 5 year old" to me. It isn't that freaking hard-

Anyways, thank you for reading my tangent.

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