Is “goth” an adjective?

"Goth music" from my understanding would be considered a noun. However alone, is the word "goth" considered an adjective, as it's describing the noun "music"?

Similar example: "Folk" on it's own would be considered an adjective, however "folk music" would be considered a noun.

According to, in this context it IS a noun even without the "music" attached? As in, "goth" on it's own is synonymous with "goth music".

According to, goth IS an adjective, meaning "(of music) in a style of guitar-based rock with some similarities to heavy metal and punk and usually characterized by depressing or mournful lyrics". It would appear, depending on the source, the word alone can either be a noun or an adjective.

Interestingly enough, according to, the term "gothic" IS being used as an adjective to describe a different type of music from a different period.

What is your opinion?

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