Most evil goth songs ever

Context: a year ago I came across kerrang's list of the 50 most evil songs ever written, and I thought it was the most push over top whatever list ever written. To me it wasn't really the 50 most evil songs period, it was more like 'the list of 40 dad rock songs that have the word devil in the title and 10 that I agree with' and ever since then, out of spite, I have been trying to make MY OWN 50 most evil songs list with the intention to make a better list than kerrang's. I've already got 20/50 songs in it of various genres spanning from extreme metal, experimental/avant garde genres, blues/folk/country, dark ambient, horrorcore, and more, but no goth just yet, so I wanna see what kind of songs there are in a genre I haven't reviewed yet.

Which leads me to my question: what are the most evil goth songs you know of, they can be from obscure bands and from popular bands (as a diehard metalhead I don't know anything about the history of goth music 😅)

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