My now ex bf clearly fetished me.

Firstly I would like to say that my now ex bf is a goth fetishizer. Srry if this is the wrong sub to post to, but I just needed to get this off my chest, as a reminder that there’s still men who view us as dolls.

My bf told me that he’s not “into the super goth stuff, such as the music and outfits.

Basically my bf just told me he’s not into the “super goth stuff”. I am a goth, I do enjoy listening to goth music and wearing “gothic clothes”. He told me “I like your style, just not the super gothic stuff”. Im so disappointed in him. The first red flag was he doesn’t even like goth music. I literally hate the new age of these weird men who see us goth women as kinky, ladies of the night. I remember last Saturday night when we were planning on going outside, I put on my makeup and my cute outfit and he started saying “your going to scare everyone”. I thought he was joking around… and then he said “no no why are you looking like a vampire”. I immediately snapped back at him, and was honestly heartbroken. He clearly just viewed me as a doll to be toyed with and, he doesn’t like goth women, he’s into “emo/egirls”.

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