/r/Goth’s New Music Mondays thread

Post your links to some new Goth music you enjoy! Or your favourite goth tunes here.

Here's some great new post-punk/goth releases:

Одиночная Камера / Odinochnaya Kamera – "Ночь" [Post-Punk] (Ukraine)

Lifeless Past – "Split EP Nass Zuruck // Lifeless Past" [Post-Punk / Darkwave] (Netherlands)

Rosegarden Funeral Party – "IN THE WAKE OF FIRE" [Goth Rock] (U.S.A)

Morte Psíquica – "Camera Obscura" [Goth Rock] (Portugal)

altan – "Aynalar" [Post-Punk] (Turkey)

French Police – "Plant Based Girl" [Post-Punk / Coldwave] (U.S.A)

Want more? Check here.

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