shoegaze-y goth music recommendations?

hello! i’m looking for new music similar to the contents of the playlist attached – i’m not really sure what to call this genre (so if anyone can tell me what genre is it specifically, that would be helpful so i can find more music on my own. i’ve researched genres like ethereal wave and neoclassical dark wave since these seem to be slightly similar to this type of music but not exactly what i’m looking for. i found that a lot of ethereal wave music such as Autumns Gray Solace or Love spirals Downward were not energetic enough or, in the kindest way possible, too monotonous. i also found most songs from bands like the frozen autumn to be too electronic.)

the best way i can describe what i’m looking for is an intersection of goth and shoegaze music – so ideally something atmospheric with a lot of guitars, distortion, ethereal (ideally female) vocals, but still gothic mood, lyrics and general sound.

this is probably best represented by:

autumn – the hating tree

mephisto waltz – alle in asche

strange boutique- hills like white elephants

the eden house – to believe in something

thank you in advance to anyone who has any recommendations 🙂

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