Lots of appreciation for Second Still’s Violet Phase LP

Tracks like Mouse, Double Negative and Eternal Love deserve people's attention I think. It's more musically advanced than lots of other goth and darkwave music I hear. They use lots of borrowed chords like The Frozen Autumn. So their chord progressions have a myriad of dark counterpoint curveballs. The stuff that catches you by surprise in a good way. They have fun with time too. Tracks like New Violet alternate between 6/4 and 4/4 time. Tracks like Mouse are in 4/4 but use odd numbers when repeating bars. Still remains dance-able regardless. Yet never firmly sounding in the club at any point. So it doesn't feel out of place listening to it at home. Perfect for overcast days.

It hits me in a way and I have seen it do the same to other people I've shown this LP to. This was the release that had their sound clicking for me and put them on my map. Highly recommended!

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