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Do people know you label yourself as “goth” ?

It kinda weird for me all these labels i never understand what is the actual point of the labels. it feels realy weird saying "i'm goth" beacuse what i mean by goth does not what other people think goth is. i am recently find intrest in gothic sub culture but i could never imagine myself telling my mother hey mom im goth or something. it might be just me but it feels like a gender label. i mean it's only the kind of music you listen too so why there is a label to this ? i understand that this is a sub culture but it's just weird. no effence beacuse i feel pretty connected to the culture already but i keep it to myself.

It's funny beacuse my family know i find intrest in metal music as well so i don't know why it feels so diffrent if they will know i find intrest in the goth sub culture beacuse gothic music is nothing angry or heavy as metal. also my mother ask me if i'm freak because I asked for another shirt like the one I have with a skull i just like the fucking image what's worng with that

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Do I offend the goth community by saying that I do not label myself as goth even if I listen to goth music almost daily ?

I recently found out that I love goth music. I mostly listen to Corpus delicti, twin tribes, Bragolin, Linea Aspera, Bauhaus.

I had a tendency to dress in black clothes (I know that dressing in black does not makes an outfit gothic) since I was a child.

I do not feel like I should label myself as goth. I am sayingthis bc there is an high probability that after a few months of listening constantly to goth music I will be tired of this tyle of music and I do not want to consider myself goth and then after half an year I won't even listen to this genre.

It happened to me that I listened to a genre for a few months like a crazy amount of time and then, on one day I just stopped listeningto that type of music.

And for some reason I feel unease when I see these gothic outfits that a lot of goth people wear.

So is it ok to just listen to this type of music whitout labeling myself as goth ? And maybe incorporating some ideas from goth outfits into my own style ?

For some reason people around my age ( 19-20 yo ) either call others posers if people just want to listen to goth music whitout other implications posers, or they just sexualize this subculture.

Am I a poser if I listen to goth music without labeling myself as goth ?

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How important is the goth label to you?

When I was younger, it was absolutely not cool to say that you’re goth. At all. It has become a label now with lots of hashtags. So, how important is it to you all? Do you tell people you’re goth? Is it important at all?

People today, it seems, love to have lots of micro labels, that form some type of curated identity. I know that using labels will garner likes and “engagement” online, but, what about real life? Personally, I rarely get asked and when I do, I will say something like, “Yeah, I do listen to goth music and support the scene.” I cringe a bit when I see someone wearing a shirt that says something like, “goth ghoul gang,” or something. I just wanted to see everyone else’s thoughts on the importance of the label.

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Apprehensions About The “Goth” label?

Did any of you guys ever have any apprehensions about taking up the Goth label bc of all the stereotypes attached to it? I explained it to my family and thankfully they understand and have no issues. But I think most people have problems with seeing past stereotypes, and I don't want to be hassled by people who don't get it…. But at the same time I think telling people can create an advantage in weeding out the ones you don't wanna be friends with anyway… What are you guys experiences and thoughts?

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