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Help me think of goth memes!!!

So Friday is senior prank day at my high school, and my idea is to hang up goth memes around my chemistry teacher’s classroom.

He’s my absolute favorite teacher and we share the same music taste. His favorite band in particular is Joy Division.

For context, I live on a tiny island, and it’s damn near impossible to find someone even remotely interested in a less conventional subculture. Finding someone who’s into good music on this island is an unbelievable rarity… and it’s my chemistry teacher, of all people. So because of this I think he’d appreciate a “prank” like this.

Of course, because he’s a chemistry teacher, I wanted the memes to be chemistry related. But I can’t find any online so I need help thinking of some!! U don’t need to know a lot about chemistry or anything, it can be stuff like puns abt the periodic table in relation to a goth band (especially Joy division)

This a wild request and ik it’s super random, sorry 😭 but any ideas would be appreciated cuz I got nothing

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Memes 2 w/ Elitist Joe (Gothy Roundtable – Episode 11)

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