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Dumb question but how do you handle negative perceptions?

From an outsider perspective it can become quite difficult for me to explain myself.

While it’s not my responsibility explaining myself like a broken record playing the same songs on loop, it’s genuinely exhausting dealing with various misunderstandings.

I’m a quiet person for a reason I won’t go into. Unwanted eyes and unwanted thoughts from unwanted people disgust me when I’m trying to express myself in my most comforting way possible.

I’m not a fetish (as gorgeous as I look), I’m not a demon (as cool as horns look on me) nor am I a lunatic (just weird), I merely love expressing myself given I never had that opportunity to previously due to private stuff.

Given the double edged sword of expression, it can easily be lost in translation.

TLDR: How do you humans and more handle being misinterpreted?

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