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Bands that have good live performances in 2023?

I'm lucky enough to live in a big city with several goth shows every month and something I've noticed is that many bands are just not very good live.

Either the band members are too old and you can tell they are tired (i.e. Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus) or they are more recent but the performance is very lackluster. Some bands go on stage and play synths while standing still and it's kind of meh (for example: Lebanon Hanover. I thought the singer was super awkward).

What are some bands that have good live performances? In my experience, The Soft Moon and Patriarchy were amazing and Clan of Xymox and Corpus Delicti were still really good. And One (which is EBM, I know) was also very fun.

Edit: I've heard Boy Harsher and Sextile are also good but I haven't seen them.

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