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Had a “tiktok goth” brag about listening to staple bands to me and it wasn’t pleasant- a rant

I am still relatively new to goth in general but something that really annoys me with the recent subculture trends on social media is that people try too hard to get into them on the terms of looks but then only listen to a few bands that are considered mainstream in that community and use it to act like they’re "different" or "underground". They only care about the "aesthetic" and don’t want to be called posers but aren’t that much interested in the music itself .

That specific person acted shocked when I said I listened to The Cure, Bauhaus , TsOm ect even after two of our friends who aren’t goth at all said they knew all the bands.

I’ll admit it, in comparison to any elder goth my music taste is pretty basic.

They don’t seem to understand there is a difference between being new to a subculture and actually looking into it and bragging about a few things everyone in that community knows.

And obviously this doesnt work for just goth, it applies to a lot of other subcultures with grunge, metal genres especially lately ,ect

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