This is a long shot but is there anyone here from Japan.

I recently found out that my husband is getting relocated to Japan for 3 years and we will be moving August just outside of Tokyo. Japan will be a super cultural shock and I don't really know much of any Japanese (I am studying currently)

I was just hoping if there were anyone in this sub in Japan you would be more helpful to me goth scene wise. I know there are a lot of Gothic Lolita shops but outside of that IDK what there is.

I also am visibly goth with piercings and tattoos moving to Japan… so people might be scared 🤷‍♀️ But I have delt with 90s goth harrassment in NYC so… idk how much worse it could be from that 🤷‍♀️

Any advice would be great. Japan has always been on my bucket list as I love Anime, Japanese food, sushi, Matcha, some J-rock etc. But I am also very nervous about the culture shock.

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