buck-tick being considered goth

i tried to look into it, but there's not much information on how relevant buck-tick's music is to being goth, so i was a little confused.

i'm someone who isn't great at technicalities when it comes to music genres – i listen to sounds and vibes and have a good general idea, but i'd fail a test of specifics. i love buck-tick a lot, and if i was to put their songs into some of my goth playlists, they would fit right in, in terms of sound. i like buck-tick and i like goth music so essentially i'm confused on if they would be considered part of that goth music

also i looked it up and their music is listed as gothic rock, but i only hear of them when discussing visual kei, and i myself never thought they were goth before seeing this, and also seeing them posted in this sub. is it right to consider their music goth/goth-adjacent? sorry if it's a dumb question lol

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