Clueless girlfriend of someone into the goth culture?

Hi everyone,

I know this is genuinely odd and probably a little desperate, but here I am. Basically, I have no idea what to get or where to look for some small gifts/surprises for my (23f) girlfriend (24f). Quick backstory, I am what my girlfriend likes to jokingly call a "normie" I m your stereotypical j-crew looking frat boy just not a douche, and am a woman. My girlfriend, however, is very into the goth and punk scene. She listens to all the music and is definitely into the fashion. She's new to it but feels like she finally found her people and I am super supportive of her!

I'm in law school right now in the midst of finals and she's really pulling extra weight since I m so busy and I wanted to make the holidays extra special to show my appreciation. EXCEPT, I have no idea where or what to buy someone who's into this culture? I am totally lost. I managed to figure out she likes a shoe brand (that seems to be banned from this subreddit?) and got her a pair, but was looking for some smaller stuff that's goth-oriented? She has a wishlist of items for when she window-shops but was hoping for a unique idea that she would be surprised at but would like.

Any suggestions for brands, items, or things to do/look for would be super helpful. I know my girlfriend well and what she does/does not like, but am definitely out of my wheelhouse when it comes to anything relating to goth and just want to show that I m interested in learning/supporting this aspect of her. If anyone has any ideas that would be lovely and I m so very sorry if this does not come off well or is offensive to the group/culture. I just have no idea what the culture entails (i am reading/studying it to learn more, but its a slow catch up) and want to be supportive by getting her something that its related to. Thank you again!

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