Gentler Dark Lyrics?

I hope no one finds this obnoxious to ask but…while I really love the sound of Darkwave I do find some of the lyrics to be a bit much for me sometimes (like a bit too dark, sexy or creepy in some cases). I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for bands that maybe had less intense lyrics. For example most of The Frozen Autumn's lyrics I would consider at the perfect level for me. Also the song Fantasmas by Twin Tribes is a good level for me, and Sanri by She Past Away. Also I love the sound of these groups!!!

People often tell me to ignore the lyrics when I ask questions like this, but I can't 😅. Lyrics are important to me. I like to know what's being said as it helps me connect with the music more, and I like to sing along as well. For me, the lyrics are a huge part of the fun!

Please let me know if guys have any suggestions!!! Thanks a lot for your time!

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