I plan on attending a goth dance and I have no idea what to wear!

I’ve been getting into goth music & goth fashion for a few years now, but I’ve yet to attend any goth events since the scene in my area is pretty small (and mostly inactive because of Covid). After doing research, I discovered that every other weekend these two bars down town (I live in the country) hold goth/industrial dances. I’m super excited to attend and meet people with similar interests, but I haven’t been able to find a lot of pictures or videos of the event.

Does anyone have any advice about what would be appropriate to wear? I’m a guy, and I plan on attending with a friend of mine who is also male. Most of the outfits I put together are extremely casual or super over the top so I’m a tad nervous that I’ll be under/over dressing. My style leans more to the trad side of things, and I’m worried that would make me stick out like a sore thumb. More importantly: is there any articles of clothing to avoid?

Thank you so much for reading, any advice is appreciated 🖤

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