Is there a necessary political component to the subculture?

Disclaimer: respectful discourse only please, I don't want to fight about politics, I just want to know if this is a thing

So perusing through tiktok (my first mistake), there seems to be a huge argument going on about how it is "impossible" to be goth and "anything except left-wing", claiming that since goth stemmed from punk then this scene is also inherently political in nature, thereby excluding anyone who doesn't follow the same political ideologies/opinions.

Do you consider the goth subculture political in nature? I'm not American so this both fascinated and baffled me. I would say that the majority of us have similar beliefs but it is not inherent to the subculture or a necessary requirement as long as everyone is respectful of each other. But I'm also old and maybe the scene has evolved in this way?

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