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Political history of the goth subculture?

To start things off, I‘d like to explain my reasoning behind this post. I have considered myself to be goth for about a year now (give or take). In this time I‘ve only learned about the musical history of the subculture, which is by far the most important it seems. The partition from mainstream punk to the opening of the Batcave (which isn‘t all too far apart time-wise iirc.) Have I missed an important political event or movement?

Recently I’ve been indulging in more goth tiktok content, which i‘ve been steering clear of because well.. tiktok can be cruel and misleading. I came across a video talking about how the musical history is important, however the political side and the ideals are more important. Ideals? Politics? Have I missed something? (i possibly might have, as one cant know everything)

In this persons comments I proceeded to inform them about how the music is the core and main part of the subculture. I asked them in a relatively friendly manner if they could tell me about the political side of the subculture because I had assumed the subculture to be mainly music focused unlike the Punk culture which it originated from.

They seemed to have taken my comment as a sort of attack or rant which wasn’t my intention at all. I apologized and wanted to make sure that they knew I was genuinely asking a question in hopes to learn more. They ended up blocking me before I could properly get my point across.

I apologize if this is a hard and/or long read. This topic has been bothering me because I genuinely didn‘t want to offend this person. I hope somebody here could tell me about the more political side of the goth subculture.

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Is there a necessary political component to the subculture?

Disclaimer: respectful discourse only please, I don't want to fight about politics, I just want to know if this is a thing

So perusing through tiktok (my first mistake), there seems to be a huge argument going on about how it is "impossible" to be goth and "anything except left-wing", claiming that since goth stemmed from punk then this scene is also inherently political in nature, thereby excluding anyone who doesn't follow the same political ideologies/opinions.

Do you consider the goth subculture political in nature? I'm not American so this both fascinated and baffled me. I would say that the majority of us have similar beliefs but it is not inherent to the subculture or a necessary requirement as long as everyone is respectful of each other. But I'm also old and maybe the scene has evolved in this way?

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