No more fast fashion.

I'm sitting here at Starbucks ( dont laugh had to take sister to an interview ) so figured I'd be a little active here and post. I want to aim and help young/old newcomers as I myself am still growing more into this community for 5 years.

I can't tell people what to do with their money but I feel much better not buying from killstar, save my money AND support etsy shop owners. I had my GREAT disdain from dolls kill taking my money! Found out about kreepsville…yuck.

It feels refreshing knowing I bought from some one else in a resale shop instead of it trashed. I hear a lot of shade at fast fashion.

I know killstar makes nice shoes but I fear the quality is dog shart and I really feel more triumph when I find a cute pair of buckle shoes at ROSS for $ 20. Hell I got two jackets from the men's section I will add design and patches too.

I won't dump my few killstar items but honestly I really don't want to support fast fashion and learn to sew/stitch. You can do many wonders with basic black clothing.

If many of you know madame absinthe I really plan on getting in touch with her for a personal custom dress!

I DO want to hear the tea about killstar though.

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