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Experiences introducing non-goths to the scene?

I would love to see how others reacted when you introduced your friends and families to our scene of music. I’ve been lucky enough to have people in my life who are open minded to new experiences even if it’s outside of the comfort zone. I’ve invited my people, including my parents, to clubs, shows and other alternative/goth ventures. Lots of them really enjoyed the experiences and have come back for more, started listening to some of the bands. Some of the things they have said are along the lines of “I thought y’all listened to screaming music” and “I didn’t know goths like to get down” lol it’s always a good time to share our subculture with those who are only aware of it through it’s often faux representation in forms of media.

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Introducing The Bolshoi Brothers

The Bolshoi Brothers are a band comprising of Trevor Tanner and Paul Clark, once members of post-punk, goth band The Bolshoi (Away, Sunday Morning, Happy Boy).

After disbanding they stayed in touch and currently working on a new album due for release later this year.

Their first release, Steam Funk, is now available in r/goth.

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Introducing Self-Promo Saturday!

Hi members,

We see a lot of people trying to post their music – relevant or not, spammed across multiple subreddits or not – on here, every single day.

Instead of trying to remove posts, which are obviously never going to stop, we've created a special day for posting your own music.

I've already outlined the basic rules (please keep it goth, etc.) in the post itself, but just to clarify, please ensure that it still fits within the subreddit rules and music genres guideline. Any dark post-punk, goth rock, deathrock, coldwave, darkwave, ethereal wave, etc. is absolutely fine!

Any genres, as per Rule 2, will be removed. So make sure to keep out metal, industrial, new wave/synth-pop, etc. as normal.

We want goth musicians to have their own space here, as this is how the subculture continues its longevity.

So, go forth and post your own music. We're dying to hear it.

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I want to thank everyone for introducing me to this band. I can’t get enough. Twin Tribes – Shadows

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