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Is gothic literature a part of the subculture still?

So this is something I’ve been perplexed about for awhile, so Ik the subculture was founded on music and that, but I feel like there’s not much emphasis on gothic literature all that much, at least not anymore.

My uncle said literature was just as important as the music in the 90’s, but it feels like we’ve all kind of forgotten about it these days. I mean, I got into the subculture from gothic literature, and it’s been around for WAY longer than the music, so why don’t we ever talk about it?

Surely being goth has SOMETHING to do do with influence of gothic horror stories? Listening to the music is fine, but it’s literally the bare minimum of how to be goth, and of this rich subculture full of mixes and mingling of so many different influences (seeing as how the music is so widespread in genres) and doesn’t the literature capture that too?

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Addressing “Actually, goth is a kind of literature and architecture…” Arguments

So I was thinking about how people online are always trying to use the "goth culture is actually an appreciation of a genre of literature, art, architecture, etc. so really it's 🌈✨whatever you want it to be✨🌈" argument and I think I finally thought of a good way to explain to them how badly that logic is flawed.

I tend to use metalheads as a parallel for goths since it's pretty widely accepted to the mainstream that metalheads are simply people who like metal music. But you wouldn't go up to a metalhead saying that you're the REAL metalhead because you're obsessed with steel and aluminium, right? "Ummmmm actually, metal is an opaque, lustrous element which acts as a good conductor of heat and electricity, so really YOU'RE the idiot here and if you don't have a degree in metallurgy and a tattoo of the chemical symbol of at least one rare earth metal you're not REALLY a metalhead." Like you know damn well that's not what we're talking about here, you're just being intentionally dense and using the wrong context of the word to justify taking it for yourself and strongarming the people who started the subculture out for your own gain.

Feel free to copy paste if you spot someone pulling that trash argument out in the wild😂

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