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Christian death’s /Rozz Williams most melodic songs ? From anything from CD to Shadow Project

Lmk your favs, thanks

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Romantic, sad, and melodic goth songs?

I’m looking for song recommendations that fit the title. I’ve been listening to alot of Pink Turns Blue, Traitrs, Sad Lovers & Giants, The Chameleons lately (to name a few). Here are a couple songs I’ve been particularly enjoying:

-Tomorrow never comes – Pink turns blue

-Second Skin – The Chameleons

-Lost in a moment – Sad lovers & giants

-After all – Pink turns blue

I sit and watch the worm beneath my nail – Traitrs

I’m not a very big fan of noisy music, I prefer the music to be more “clear” (if that makes sense), and I’m not a big fan of overly dissonant sounding songs either.

I know that this is possibly a long shot, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Thank you in advance🖤

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