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Soviet punk Egor Letov with goth makeup as seen on the cover of the album “Punk and Rock and Roll”, Omsk, Siberia, 1985

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Roll Call

I know someone has to remember this gem.

I'm not sure how widespread it was, but if you had it, still have it, tell us how you found it.

I'll start: Roderick's Chambers – San Francisco (1998 – before S.F. went to shit.) Fetish Ball – bought it from a vendor there – me fully decked out in a custom leather male corset – with custom shackles, manacles, and a gorgeous posture collar. Long hair, pale skin, waif thin, and looking Elvish. I was modeling them for a good friend and Spiritual Advisor.

Didn't know the songs by name yet except Skin and Lye by Malign – bought it anyway.

Got a lot of play… lost it to shifts in location, time, and/or technology changes – but I had it for years.

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